Covid 19 Driving Lesson Guidelines and Requirements



The State has given the go-ahead to start driving lessons as part of Phase 2.  We know you are all anxious to get going.  In order to be fair, we will be rescheduling driving lessons for the students who had driving lessons cancelled in March, April and May due to COVID-19. Once those students have been taken care of, we will start calling the students who registered during the shutdown in the order in which they signed up, provided they have a permit.  A student must have a learner’s permit in order to sign up for driving lessons.

If we leave a message to reschedule/schedule driving lessons because you were not available to take the call, please call us back ASAP.  Please make sure your voice mailbox is not full.  We do not have the time or resources to keep making follow-up calls. Our phone numbers are 860-875-8211 and 860-896-1780.

DUE TO COVID-19, State requirements for driving lessons are as follows:

  • One-on-one instruction
  • Student and instructor must wear a mask or shield which covers the mouth and nose
  • Sanitizing of the driving school cars between lessons
  • Car windows will be open



  •  Someone must bring the student to CC Driver Education 15 minutes before the scheduled driving lesson and pick the student up here at the end of each lesson.
  • We have added a student health screening sheet on our website which MUST be completed, signed by a parent or legal guardian and brought to the school the day of the driving lesson or there will be no lesson. The health screening form is located on this website.  Download and print the pdf file.  If the student is not going to pass the screening, please let us know as soon as possible so we can try to fill the lesson with another student. Students should make sure our phone numbers are in their cell phone contact lists so when we call them, they will pick up, in case we have a last-minute cancellation and another student can fill.  Our two numbers are 860-875-8211 and 860-896-1780.
  • If a student is not going to pass the health screening, please call us to let us know. If we do not hear from you before the lesson, there will be a no show fee.
  • The no-show fee policy for cancelling a driving lesson under 48 hours for a non-COVID related issue still applies.
  • If a student misses a driving lesson due to a COVID-related symptom, they will have to wait at least 14 days for their next driving lesson.
  • Student’s temperature will be taken at the school with an infrared, non-contact thermometer. Students with temperatures over 100.3 degrees F will not be taken out for their driving lesson.
  • Students must have their physical learner’s permit with them at the time of their lesson or there will be no lesson.
  • Students must have a mask or shield at the time of their lesson.

The driving school cars will be sanitized between driving lessons.  The students and instructors are required to wear a mask or shield which covers the nose and mouth for the entire driving lesson.  There will be breaks as necessary during the driving lessons.  Each car will be equipped with a sanitation box containing sanitizing products, i.e., sprays, wipes, hand sanitizers, tissues, masks.  We suggest that the students practice driving around wearing masks before their driving lessons to get used to the feel of it.  The driving instructors will also be required to pass a health screening each day as well.

We are looking forward to being included in Phase 2 and are working our hardest to ensure safety, fairness and accountability to all our students and employees under the current circumstances.  Please be patient and know that we are doing our best to move students through the program as quickly as possible for that exciting goal of obtaining a license.