Online Class Instructions

To All REGISTERED Students that Plan on attending online classes.

Meeting I.D. numbers will be on the website the day of the class.

Please Read Instructions Thoroughly!!

Please Read Instructions Thoroughly!!!

Please Read Instructions Thoroughly!!!!


We will be using the Zoom platform for classes. I believe the best thing to do is download it.  I know there are ways to go to the meeting (classes) without doing that, but I don’t know how that works.  I am sure you do.

Any questions about Zoom and how it works, you will have to get from their website.  Any issues that come up about Zoom, you will have to go to their support (or ask your friends that are already using the program).  I am being told that many of you are using the platform already, so you may be teaching us a thing or two.

Around class time, if you have downloaded Zoom, open it.
Click the Join button
It will ask you to put in a meeting I.D. number, which will be on the website, the day of class.
We have set up what’s called a waiting room before the class starts.  So, get to the meeting (classroom) before it starts
Once you put in the meeting I. D. number, you will be put in that waiting room and as long as you are a registered student, you will be let into the classroom.

You will have to be on time for class, that hasn’t changed, so once class has started, it will be locked.  Meaning, if you’re late, you don’t get in.

To get credit for class, first and foremost, we need to know who you are.
Once you get into classroom, you will need to rename yourself. If you don’t know how to do that, we will explain when you are in the classroom.  So, know your student number and your name.

IN THIS ORDER YOU WILL RENAME YOURSELF: Student number, Last Name, First Name

Once you are in class, there will be other instructions that will be asked of you in order to get credit for class.

If you are not registered with the school, you will not be able to stay in class and you will be removed.


Doing classes online, will be a work in progress, so please be patient, we are now students as well.


Thank you,

CC Driver Education