School Update and Info

To All Present Students, Parents and Potential New Customers

If you would take the time to read this page, it should answer some of your questions and concerns. 

Here is the update at the Driving School:

The Driving School was put in Partial Quarantine.  Not all Employees were compromised.  The Zoom classes are still on going.  We are only doing one time frame for the time being. 4-6pm. 

The School will be going through a deep cleaning on Wednesday, Jan.13, 2021

Driving lessons that were cancelled will be rescheduled.  We will reach out to you.

Most of you know because of Covid we were closed for 3 months when it came to the driving lessons.  So, we are behind when it comes to the driving lessons by at least 3 months.

The driving lessons are scheduled in the order that you signed up at the driving school. Every 38 program student is automatically put on that list.

Yes, we did train 3 new driving instructors. The training started in Aug. 2020 and finished in Sept 2020.  We had to wait for background checks before the DMV would allow the instructors to take the instructor test. Once the back ground checks came in, we scheduled the test. The Dmv was backed up as well, so we could not get the instructor test until October.   Once the instructor passes the test, there is still another process that DMV goes through, and we weren’t able to get licenses till Nov. One of the trainee’s got a fulltime job somewhere else and will not be doing driving instruction.  That puts us down to 2 new instructors only. I was able to get another instructor to give us help on the weekends. I have another previous instructor that is willing to help but must resubmit paperwork to be licensed.  I have reached out to other driving schools to see if they have any driving instructor’s available to help us out.

This may not be the appropriate place to put up an add so to speak for driving instructors but here we go, desperate times.  If anyone is looking for job and you think Driving Instruction might work for you, please give the school a call.

  • You will need a background check done (fingerprints)
  • Must have your license for at least 4 years and no suspensions in the last 4 years
  • Motor vehicle record check
  • Child abuse and neglect registry check
  • At least a High School Diploma or GED
  • CDL physical
  • You will need 45 hours of Instructor Training. Since, I will be out on the road doing driving lessons, I will not have time to do the training myself which normally I do and don’t charge for. I will now have to send you to another place to do the training, which you would pay for and if you stay working at the driving school, you will be reimbursed.

Parents of students already signed up and are waiting on us to schedule driving lessons, I do have some suggestions, that will help get through this backlog, that I will present to you when I call you to set up driving lessons.

Students and Parents, you have been incredibly patient and supportive in our current situation.  Trust that I am doing all that I can to not take advantage of that.  If at any time, you do not want to stay on at the driving school and want to move on to another, I am in full support of whatever you want to do.  The online classes you can get in, so if you want to finish with that, I recommend it, if you are already enrolled.

These are Driving Schools in the area that you could call that I know personally:

Glastonbury Driving School, Glastonbury, 860 633 1077

All American Driver Education, Vernon, 860 871 8442

Global Driving School, South Windsor, 860 783 5533

Nationwide Driving School, West Hartford, 860 521 6130


I do know that AAA Driving School is no longer doing on the road lessons.  I do believe they are still doing online classes.

I do not personally know this driving school, but they are close by, Shining Star, Manchester, 860 432 4700


To All New Customers:

If you were able to get through the above, we are backed up for driving lessons.  The online classes are not an issue.  If you would like to call around to other driving schools, please do.  If you are not in a hurry to get the driving lessons in, we will eventually get to you.

I appreciate your call and interest in our driving school.  I would prefer not to lose you as a customer, but this is where we are at.


Thank you for your time and interest in our school,