Zoom Concerns Page

Zoom Classes


Parents and Students:

We know you may a lot of questions and concerns about the Zoom Platform.  So do we.  We are hoping that Zoom is doing whatever they need to, to take care of their security issues.  It seems like they are according to their emails, we have been getting.  They have made suggestions that we are going to follow.

  • Before class, you will be put in what is called a waiting room. Which allows us to pick who we will let into the room.
  • Once class starts, it will be locked, meaning no one can get in once class starts
  • We have shut off person to person chatting in class. Chatting will be to classroom instructor or administrator only
  • We will not be recording the class
  • Anyone who is not registered with the school, will be removed.
  • Screen sharing will only be done by the classroom instructor.

This is what we know we can do right now.  Even with these precautions, we know that hackers, scammers and others are smart.  They may figure out a way to get around these security measures.  If Zoom wants to keep everyone’s business, I will hope that they do the right thing.  I want to believe, the thought of losing money and reputation will talk and force Zoom to do what is necessary.

So, at this time, we will be staying with the Zoom platform.  We have been doing our homework to get these online classes up and running.  This is all new to us, if we were to go to another platform right now, it would delay starting these classes.  If Zoom does not do what is necessary to beef up their security, in the meantime, we will go to another platform.