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Learner’s Permit

If you want to pass your learner’s permit on the first try you have to do your homework.  Which means, you have to study. The DMV does put out an app with sample tests on it, by all means take them.  If you pass great.  But let it be known, those aren’t the only questions that could possibly be on the test. The manual is on the DMV website, which we have provided a link above.  Whatever is in that manual from cover to cover is fair game for a question.  So if you want that fighting chance to pass, we suggest you study.  Don’t skip the section on child safety seats because you are pretty sure you won’t be transporting children anytime soon.  Even though you haven’t got a license yet, they may ask you questions what happens if you get your license suspended.  They ask you questions on alcohol.  So, again, read the manual, cover to cover, don’t skip any sections!!!!!!!!!!!  If you do this you will most likely pass on your first try. 

Good Luck!!!!!!